My name is Ailsa and I'm a freelance writer, editor and social media manager. I have a Bachelor degree with honours and have had over 5 years experience creating optimised online content for an e-commerce website while managing a variety of social media profiles. I also run my own fashion and beauty blog/Youtube channel so I know the value of SEO for online results and how to create shareable content that users enjoy.

In 2016, I decided to launch CreativelyJane Freelance so I could offer my services to clients all over the world.


I have a variety of background and experiences, including several ongoing clients where I provide status updates that are optimised for impact and results, demonstrating the client's industry knowledge and involvement. This is used to help them connect with professionals on LinkedIn and can be used to start a dialogue.

I provide copywriting services and can create blog pieces, articles and landing page text. Less common but still a passion of mine is editing where I offer my skills as a copy editor for a variety of platforms including proposals and novels. 

I also ran the social media profiles of a Japanese restaurant in Sydney's Walsh Bay. This involved creating content, scheduling updates and also responding to all reviews that customers leave. Essentially, the entire marketing and digital presence of this restaurant was handled by me.


Finally, I do have experience in creating newsletters using online programs such as MailChimp and creating appropraite banners that engage and intrigue the reader.


If you choose to work with me, you will get a valuable contractor who is friendly, engaging and hard working. When you work with a contractor as opposed to a large social media company, you can be assured that I'm the only person with access to your accounts and as such, I am held accountable for all the work. You will deal with me personally every time. 


I prefer ongoing contracts but if you have a one-off project, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Generally speaking, I work in social media packages that are billed monthly while copywriting and editing are based on the project. My prices are dependant on what you need and if it is a one-off or continuous contract. Please contact me directly for a quote.​

Social Media
Status Updates
Scheduling Content
Sharing Relevant Articles
Creating + Managing S/M Adverts
Following Relevant Accounts
Brand Interaction
Newsletter Articles
Blog Pieces 
Web Content
Media Releases
Short Stories
Blog Pieces
Web Content 
SEO Content
Newsletter Articles
Company Briefs
Google Analytics - Data and Reports
Essay Writing

ABN: 16328604871

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